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Fun With Radiation
Here's a sketch of my fursona...lemme know what you think!!!

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Spring break is over.  Classes begin again...what fun.  I actually got to get some drawing done while I was at my mom's house...just a sketch of my fursona in a miner's getup, but it felt good to draw!  School takes up too much time...

Visiting family can only be described as interesting.  I took my mom out to brunch on Easter Sunday at the Fairmont in San Jose--damn good eating.  After the food had settled, I thought I'd go for a run in my "bunny hat" around the neighbourhood.  My mom thought it was great; all the people on the street thought I was more than a little disturbed.  I then went to visit my father.  On Monday, he and I got into it as usual--we have a history of this kind of stuff--like the Arab-Israeli conflict, peace one day and trouble the next. 

Oh, yeah.  My roommate got a new rifle.  It's a Browning (semi) automatic rifle (BAR), with a scope for him to hunt with.  Semi-auto for hunting?!  WTF???  Talk about overkill.   I DO NOT agree with hunting--I have trouble with the idea of taking the life of anything, let alone something that doesn't know it is being stalked from a great distance away, and just for the "thrill of it."  Yes, many hunters eat the meat, but they don't need it to survive.  It all seems pointless. 

And the best news of all: my oldest brother is coming home from Iraq around April 15!!!  He recently got promoted to staff sergeant, so he's  doing well (except for the fact he's in a war).  Staff Sgt. A.J. Schumer...has a nice ring to it.  I can't wait to go to Sacramento to visit him, see my nieces, take him for real ice cream at Leatherby's etc. 

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Had my last class before break at 11 this morning...drilling and blasting, my favorite class.  Pretty funny class today --the professor left the room in mid-sentence, leaving all of us looking at each other like WTF!?  He was pointing out stuff on the overhead, talking about "fluff blasting" for construction applications: (Belgian accent) "Fluff blasting is where the explosives are used to move the rock vertically only.  In construction it is a fairly common practice, and I will be right back." and he leaves the room.  Just like that--didn't even break stride.  My buddy Brandon got it on tape (he tapes the class for Sara, a friend who is auditing the class) and we listened to it in the lounge with the gang over lunch, this time we busted up laughing. 

Today even started out nice.  I was up before the sun, and got to watch it rise over the Virginia Range as I ate breakfast.  Desert sunrises are awesome--imagine a cloudless (but hazy) sky, where the whole eastern horizon glows with pinkish gold light over the mountains, the western sky still dark, and then the sun peaks up, dousing the east-facing sides of everything with that nice golden light. 

All I have to tomorrow is go into work for a few hours, then go see my adviser and get my skills back up on the scanning electron microscope with him for a while (or the x-ray diffractometer if the SEM doesn't work); radiation is fun! (as long as it's not pointed at me!), then pack for going to visit my family for a few days *wags tail excitedly*.

Only mild amounts of HW over the break, as compared to the last two weeks...no less than 9 assignments (at 1 to 5 hrs each) and two 50-minute exams in the past 11 days, plus work and working out...I'm beat, but I'm DONE!!!

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I did it!  Went to the mall with my new "bunny hat."  Got a lot of strange looks and laughs behind hands, but also got a positive comment while I was exiting a store: a lady told me "I like your hat." 

Somebody asked me about the ears, and I told them I was the Sun Vally Easter Bunny (he gives cars that don't work to all the good little redneck boys and girls).  I want to get wolf stuff so I don't have to masquerade as a bunny (I do love bunnies though ...they're cute as heck!!!) 

It was actually an enjoyable time at the mall (the latter statement used to be an oxymoron for me).  Wet to Build-a-Bear workshop and got me a husky plushy...fun stuff.  Pics to come. 

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OK, it's been a really busy past week and a half.  My first day off in 2 weeks is today!  One assignment for my drilling and blasting class took 5 hrs...at least it was interesting as well as tedious.  To get rid of some stress (of which there was LOTS), my friend Laura made me a hat with a pair of furry ears I got at FC.  It was supposed to be a wolf hat, but ended up looking like bunny ears, so the boonie hat I had now is a "bunny hat."  I've been warned not to wear it in the yard, as neighbours might take pot-shots at me. 

I only have one pic of it available, and it is not exactly one I would want to show off, but I photoshopped it a bit, and now I think it's at least funny.  Sun Valley is the town I live in; not technically Reno, but close enough (5 min. drive from my house).  It definitely is the ghetto, but it's quiet, everyone's nice, and I can see the stars really well at night.  In other words, perfect. 

I'm thinking about wearing it to the mall tomorrow just to be different (sans rifle, of course!!!), but it's open to debate whether or not I'll have the balls to do it.  I'll keep ya posted. 

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Been an interesting week.  I got a letter earlier on in the week saying that I did not get into the University of Arizona, my first choice for grad school.  I quickly e-mailed the prof I wanted to work with, and he said he never even saw my application because it was considered incomplete because it only had one of the three letters of recommendation it was supposed to. 

Perturbed, since I asked THREE profs at UNR to each write one, I e-mailed the two that did not (one being my department chair!!) and voila!  they never sent them in.  I guess I should have been more on top of them.  Don't get me wrong, I like Reno and the people I have met here--in fact, I love them all--but the U of A has top-notch mineralogical facilities, as well as a top-notch mineralogical team.  It would have hurt like hell to leave, but I still feel bad about not getting to go.  I'm not so much mad as I am disappointed.  I find it hard to hold a grudge in this case (I'm not sure why, but it's cool with me!)

This dialog from Behind Enemy Lines seems appropriate:

"Still have your boots?"
"Yeah.  They were tied on."
"Then you've got it made!"

No matter what, life is beautiful!

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My last semester at school is finally here, and I am finding myself doing a whole lot of everything but school...

First off, as the first week of school kicked in, I found myself in my hometown of San Jose at FurCon (Jan. 24-28), one of the greatest events I have ever been to.  From what was said there, it is one of the largest gatherings of furries in the world, and it was a total blast!  From my first moments in the Double Tree, I was like a little schoolgirl marveling at everything: all the fursuiters, the art, the people, all of it. 

There were so many things to do--let me start with the panels (of which I attended many), from art to species to science to writing.  The art panel was extremely helpful, as were the writing panels (hosted by Alex Vance, he's a funny guy).  The species panels were really interesting too, especially the fox panel where around four foxes walked in to enjoy the show. 

Then, there were things like Furry Night Live and the Eye of Argon reading, both of which were incredible.  FNL had some great skits, both in relation to choreography and comedy (i.e. "Love is Fickle" and "Fur in a Box"), which kept the entire thing interesting despite standing the whole time.  The Eye of Argon reading is where everyone sits in a circle and passes around a story called the Eye of Argon, one of the worst fantasy stories ever written.  Everyone has to stand and read one column of the story, but if you laugh, you have to pass it to the next person in the circle.  Everyone else in the room is entitled to do anything they can to make you laugh short of touch you (people there repeated funny lines, acted out scenes, howled, got in your face and made funny faces, etc.).  Also everyone in the room has to read(except fursuiters of course), no exceptions .  All in all, I laughed so hard my sides hurt, despite the late hour (12-3 AM Sunday). 

I met some awesome people there, including people I roomed with: Teric, Arctic Mutt, Airstrip, Ikkarub, and the list goes on and on.  One really cool thing was that I met another fur from Reno, and neither of us had any idea we lived in the same city! 

The dealer's den and art show were spectacular as well.  The whole place was absolutely oozing talent out of the walls.  I got some great art, as well as two badges done, and I wish I had more money, but the Tucson Show was coming up, and I needed money to support my other hobby (should I say addiction?): mineral collecting. 

Let me digress from one of my obsessions to another.  TUCSON!

On Feb. 15, I flew down to Tucson, AZ to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show (TGMS), where the museum I work for was displaying a case of minerals.  My coworker and I had put the case together, and we go down together every year to split costs, as well as to have some company as it gets overwhelming. 

The theme this year was minerals of the United States, and the displays (including ours) were AMAZING! The one absolute show-stopper was the case of minerals from Tiger, AZ, one of the localities I specialize in (the other being Tsumeb, Namibia).  The Tiger case, organized by Les Presmyk (whom I bought a $650 caledonite from on Sat.), and I thank him as well as the other contributors (the Smithsonian, Bob and Evan Jones--great people!, Rock Currier, Univ. of Arizona, etc.).  The case had no less than 5 world's best of species (minerals that is...no real tigers from there, sorry): diaboleite, matlockite, bideauxite, hydrocerussite, and teh Smithsonian's caledonite with crystals to over 1 inch!!! (my best, which is pretty good, has 4 mm crystals).

While that case did steal my heart, there were other good ones, such as the blue-cap tourmalines from Southern California, cherry red rhodochrosites from Colorado, the rare purple apatite from Maine, benitoite, and so on.  The dealers had no end of good stuff as well, and they ended up getting about $1300 of my money, and I am now broke as a joke. As a result, I cannot get that fursuit I wanted...I have to save up all over again, or sell some of my prized rocks (yah, right!).  Too bad a good fursuit  costs  over $2000...

I enjoyed seeing all the dealers and famous mineralogists (I hope to be one myself someday), and bullshitting with them, hearing the  scuttlebutt, etc. 

All in all, it's been a helluva ride so far, and the semester's not even half over.  I can't wait till next year for both FurCon and Tucson..provided I ever have money again. 

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