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New Hat - Fun With Radiation
New Hat
OK, it's been a really busy past week and a half.  My first day off in 2 weeks is today!  One assignment for my drilling and blasting class took 5 hrs...at least it was interesting as well as tedious.  To get rid of some stress (of which there was LOTS), my friend Laura made me a hat with a pair of furry ears I got at FC.  It was supposed to be a wolf hat, but ended up looking like bunny ears, so the boonie hat I had now is a "bunny hat."  I've been warned not to wear it in the yard, as neighbours might take pot-shots at me. 

I only have one pic of it available, and it is not exactly one I would want to show off, but I photoshopped it a bit, and now I think it's at least funny.  Sun Valley is the town I live in; not technically Reno, but close enough (5 min. drive from my house).  It definitely is the ghetto, but it's quiet, everyone's nice, and I can see the stars really well at night.  In other words, perfect. 

I'm thinking about wearing it to the mall tomorrow just to be different (sans rifle, of course!!!), but it's open to debate whether or not I'll have the balls to do it.  I'll keep ya posted. 

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