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Teh Mall - Fun With Radiation
Teh Mall
I did it!  Went to the mall with my new "bunny hat."  Got a lot of strange looks and laughs behind hands, but also got a positive comment while I was exiting a store: a lady told me "I like your hat." 

Somebody asked me about the ears, and I told them I was the Sun Vally Easter Bunny (he gives cars that don't work to all the good little redneck boys and girls).  I want to get wolf stuff so I don't have to masquerade as a bunny (I do love bunnies though ...they're cute as heck!!!) 

It was actually an enjoyable time at the mall (the latter statement used to be an oxymoron for me).  Wet to Build-a-Bear workshop and got me a husky plushy...fun stuff.  Pics to come. 

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teric From: teric Date: March 17th, 2008 06:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Haha sounds like fun! That took guts to do that, buddy. Kudos to you for that. Looking forward to those pics!

How's school going?
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