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Done - Fun With Radiation
Had my last class before break at 11 this morning...drilling and blasting, my favorite class.  Pretty funny class today --the professor left the room in mid-sentence, leaving all of us looking at each other like WTF!?  He was pointing out stuff on the overhead, talking about "fluff blasting" for construction applications: (Belgian accent) "Fluff blasting is where the explosives are used to move the rock vertically only.  In construction it is a fairly common practice, and I will be right back." and he leaves the room.  Just like that--didn't even break stride.  My buddy Brandon got it on tape (he tapes the class for Sara, a friend who is auditing the class) and we listened to it in the lounge with the gang over lunch, this time we busted up laughing. 

Today even started out nice.  I was up before the sun, and got to watch it rise over the Virginia Range as I ate breakfast.  Desert sunrises are awesome--imagine a cloudless (but hazy) sky, where the whole eastern horizon glows with pinkish gold light over the mountains, the western sky still dark, and then the sun peaks up, dousing the east-facing sides of everything with that nice golden light. 

All I have to tomorrow is go into work for a few hours, then go see my adviser and get my skills back up on the scanning electron microscope with him for a while (or the x-ray diffractometer if the SEM doesn't work); radiation is fun! (as long as it's not pointed at me!), then pack for going to visit my family for a few days *wags tail excitedly*.

Only mild amounts of HW over the break, as compared to the last two weeks...no less than 9 assignments (at 1 to 5 hrs each) and two 50-minute exams in the past 11 days, plus work and working out...I'm beat, but I'm DONE!!!

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teric From: teric Date: March 21st, 2008 04:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hahaha cool prof, my friend. Unannounced, surprise exits. Was class over at that point? Or did he come back and finish the lecture?

Have fun on your break, buddy--it's always good to get to see family.
desertwolf235 From: desertwolf235 Date: March 21st, 2008 07:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
He came back a couple of minutes later with a homework assignment for the class, and picked up right where he had stopped, with all of us looking at each other, then at him, with a mental "HUH?". Just funny all around.

How are things down in SoCal?
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